Island Ugljan

Ugljan is the first island in the Zadar archipelago, and it also the biggest.
It is called the green island because it is covered with dense bush, pine trees, olive trees, fig trees, vineyards and other Mediterranean vegetation. Ugljan has a very indented coast of about 20 km. There you will find many nice beaches as well as hidden coves. The sea is clean and the nature untouched. It givey you complete peace.
Ugljan island is full of picturesque places with a long tradition of fishing, and also has more then 2000 years of olive oil tradition. Ugljan is covered with 200 000 olive trees. Olive line walkways and clear water will lead you to antique mausoleums, where tourists can feel the sense of history. Ugljan was inhabited in the ancient times, and there are some archaeological findings that can be visited. The economy is based on agriculture, vineyards, olive and fruit plantations, fishery and tourism. Major crops include olives, figs and vines.

The north-eastern side of the island is inhabited. The best known places are Kukljica, Preko, Ugljan and Kali, while the other side of the island is still mostly uninhabited.

The island is perfect for nature lovers who can explore the island riding a bike or hiking along the trails. You can also rent a boat or a kayak or go scuba diving and explore the untouched underwater world of Ugljan.
During the summer time, on the island you can enjoy the traditional public festivities, concerts in churches and live music on hotel or restaurant terraces or open-air scenes.

If you want to feel the genuine spirit of the island’s past, “the” place to go on Ugljan is Kali. This town is the unofficial fishing capital of the Adriatic. Common picture of Kali features many boats lined up next to each other in small harbor, with men sitting on the boat, repairing their fishnets. Kali is one of the villages, alligned right next to the other one in a row, next to place Kukljica.
Ugljan has one harbour which is situated in Muline. This was a port even in the first century when the Romans docked their ships here.
In all the places on the island several restaurants can be found. In these restaurants you can eat meals which are typical of Croatia and Dalmatia as well as international dishes. Gastronomy of the island is typically Mediterranean.
The island of Ugljan is an ideal destination for those who seek spiritual peace and wants to rejuvenate their body and soul, feel true Mediterranean experience.


How ever you are traveling, you have to come to Zadar from where you take a ferry to Ugljan. The ferry rides are very frequently and the trip lasts 25 minutes.
Main Croatian high road will take you from Capital of Croatia, Zagreb, to Zadar, in 2,5 hours, and then you have to go domestic ferry port Gaženica, which is just right in front of you when you take exit on Zadar II from the highroad.
You can also come by plane, as the airport in Zadar is in vicinity of the Ferry,, 10km from Holiday Park Zepena Punta, so people can take taxi to the Ferry, and organize their car free vacation on the Island.
The island of Pag is 48 km from the Ugljan and Zadar is just 9 km away.

National Park Kornati, Krka and Paklenica as well as the Nature Park Telascica and the Lake Vrana are in the close vicinity of Ugljan, and are an imperativ to visit when on vacation in Croatia.
In North Dalmatia flows the river of Zrmanja where you can go rafting if you prefer an active type of trip.


Kukljica is picturesque touristic and fishermen’s village located in the southeast end of the island of Ugljan overlooking the island of Pašman. The old nucleus is divided from the tourist peninsula of Zelana punta by a great natural cove. There is a port always full of fishermen boats and sailing boats. Valuable monument is the church from 15th century in the cove of Kostanj.
A particularly interesting event called „Our Lady of Snow“ takes place annually in Kukljica – a procession of ships and boats marks the occasion of five hundred years ago, when, according to legend, it snowed in midsummer. It is celebrated as of 1514.
Kukljica is often referred to as “the gate to the National park Kornati and Nature park Telaščica”.
Diversity in tourism offer and scenic beauty dominated with dense pine forests, sand and rocky beaches on the shores of crystal clear sea.

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